Ushers Club / Club des Placiers

hands.jpgWho we are:

At Visitation, our Ushers are not merely a ministry but are an charitable and social organisation that not only provides hospitality at our Masses but also raise funds for the parish and for their own spiritual/social gatherings.

The Ushers Club at Visitation performs the essential ministry of hospitality.  It is not merely a set of functions (like passing the basket), but an official group that acts as the “face” of the parish.  While other ministries and groups also assist in the tasks of hospitality, it is the ushers with their recognizable maroon jackets, which our parishioners and guests look to when they need assistance, directions or help in finding a place to sit when we are very full.  Visitation’s ushers are always looking for new members who share their passion for hospitality.