Confirmation is the sacrament by which Catholics receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Through Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives them the increased ability to practice their Catholic faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation.

For any additional information, including important dates and next steps, please refer to the materials provided here.

Registration for Confirmation 2020 can be found here.
For any additional questions please contact our Pastoral Minister.

Confirmation 2020

CONFIRMATION WILL BE HELD on ___________________________at Visitation Parish.  Please arrive no later than 3:40pm.  A reception will follow.

Costs: $25 to cover the cost of gown rental and preparation materials.

You can pay online here.

Confirmation Preparation

The following lists all scheduled preparatory sessions that all confirmation candidates are required to attend.  Sponsors are strongly encouraged to be present with their candidate at all meetings to provide support for their candidate.  All meetings with the exception of the Kickoff event are held at Visitation Parish Church.

Information & Registration Meeting___________________________________________ The candidate for confirmation and at least one parent must be present.

You can register in advance by clicking here

Confirmation Kickoff Event: – 

A parent and / or sponsor must be present with each candidate. _____ per person suggested to offset the cost of lunch.  Must preregister.

_____________________________________ : Confirmation Kickoff Event (option 1)
_____________________________________ : Confirmation Kickoff Event (option 2)

Confirmation Super Sundays –  Confirmation Super Sundays are for the candidate and ideally their sponsor(s).  In the case where the sponsor is unable to attend a parent may fill in.  Parents are always welcome.  Super Sundays help to root the sacrament in the experience of parish life as a community of faith. Candidates will take on a particular roll at Mass and afterwards, together with their sponsors, receive catechetical formation as they journey towards confirmation.

Session 1: __________________________________ includes the __________ Mass at which time the candidates, the sponsors and their parents will be presented and blessed as they begin their formation.

Session 2: ___________________________________ includes the __________ Mass (Confirmation Class will host the Mass)

Session 3: ___________________________________ includes the ___________ Mass (Confirmation Class will host the Mass) Letters of intent are due. 

Other Dates to Remember:

Service is an important part of Confirmation preparation at Visitation Parish.  In general the hope is that every candidate can assist the Knights of Columbus with their annual Can Drive on Saturday MORNING ___________ from 8am-2pm. Please contact Larry Gagnon OR contact our Pastoral Minister to receive additional information.  If it is not possible for your son/daughter to assist than an equivalent alternative service project must be completed.

Sunday _____________ – Letters of intent are due.  A classroom visit will be made to assist students with this activity.

TBA – Confirmation Retreat Day – held during school hours. All grade 7/8 students at ________________________________ will be in attendance.  Lunch will be provided.  A REHEARSAL FOR CONFIRMATION WILL BE HAD AT THIS TIME.  If your child does not attend __________________________________they can still join the confirmation retreat by contacting Jamie at the Office.  If this is not possible since it is during school hours, and your child does not attend ______________________+++ please contact Jamie at the office for an alternative rehearsal date.

CONFIRMATION WILL BE HELD on ______________________________________ at Visitation Parish.  Please arrive no later than 3:40pm.  A reception will follow.