BAPTISM / BAPTÊME – Registration

Le Baptême

Le Baptême est le premier des sacrements à être reçu. C’est le fondement de toute vie chrétienne. La personne baptisée entre en communion avec Dieu et son Église. Le Baptême est une grâce, un cadeau venant de Dieu qui accueille sans condition. Ce cadeau que la personne baptisée a reçu doit être assumé d’une manière libre et responsable durant toute sa vie. Dans notre paroisse, nous avons une rencontre initiale avec les parents et ensuite deux soirées de préparation avec les parents et les parrains / marraines. Le Baptême a normalement lieu durant la célébration d’une messe dominicale, afin d’inclure la communauté de foi.


Baptism is the first sacrament to be received.  It is the foundation of all Christian life.  Through Baptism, one enters in communion with God and His Church.  Baptism is a gift from God who welcomes unconditionally. This gift must be accepted and lived out responsibly for life.

In our parish, we have an initial meeting with the parents asking Baptism for their child. This is followed by two nights of Baptism Preparation for the parents and godparents.  Baptism usually takes place during the Sunday Eucharistic celebration, to allow the faith community to also participate.

Baptism of children

First and foremost WELCOME!  While we must out of necessity be a little more “procedural” than we would pre-COVID, please know the opportunity to celebrate this moment with your family gives us GREAT JOY! You are asking of God’s Church that your child become a sacred temple of the Holy Spirit and pledge to raise them in the family of the Roman Catholic Church.  We, on our part, as a parish community wish to help support you in this new journey, especially in these trying times.  
     If you would like to register your child for Baptism  please fill out this form  and our Pastoral Minister will be in touch with you.   Please read everything below regarding baptismal preparation and requirements for you and your guests in these times.


Once you have submitted your registration form for Baptism (above), our Pastoral Minister will personally call you to touch base and set a date.  If this is your FIRST BAPTISM with us, we require that you complete Baptismal preparation.  Since present circumstances do not allow us to gather in person for preparation, we ask that you complete the following ONLINE preparation below.  Our Pastoral Minister will give you a second call via Skype, Zoom, Teams or phone to virtually meet with you, go over any questions you may have and walk you through the particulars of Baptism during our present circumstances here at Visitation.  If this is your second or third child (etc…) being baptised, it is still recommended that you complete the prep below or at the very least watch the 2nd video “Soul Bath” with your other children. You are welcome to have a conversation with our Pastoral Minister regarding the baptismal process if you like, but it is not required.


Questions after video #1:

Your dreams for your child are important.  Take a moment to each write down your answers to the following – and then share them with your spouse.
1. What kind of spiritual habits would you like to establish in your home for your child?
2. Are there any traditions you want to establish around holidays, birthdays and significant religious days etc…
3. Describe the values and morals you hope your child holds when he or she is 25. Your dreams for your child are important.  Take a moment to each write down your answers to the above – and then share them with your spouse.


Questions after video #2: SOUL BATH

After watching the second video take a moment to discuss the following with your spouse:

1. What part of the Baptism excites you the most?
2. Think about your own godparents – have they had an active roll in your faith formation?
3. What can you do to ensure that your child’s godparents will be as actively involved in their faith formation as you would like?


Questions after VIDEO #3: LETTERS

Discuss the following with your spouse:
1. If you could send a message back through time, what’s the ONE THING you would tell the 18-year-old version of yourself?
Write a letter to your child:  (both of you)
2. Write a letter to give to your child when they turn 18.  Describe what it was like when you first saw their face, your feelings, your dreams, your hopes for them.  Describe the kind of parent you hope you will be for them.  Take your time and store it somewhere special so you don’t loose it!

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1) Each family is limited to 10 – 15 guests (not including parents, godparents and the child to be baptised). 
2) It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that everyone invited understands that they CANNOT attend if they have symptoms of Covid-19, have a fever, have been out of the country in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19. 
3) Everyone in attendance over the age of 8 is strongly recommended to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. 
4) Please arrive at the Church 10min prior to your appointment as everyone will need to be screened / have their temperature taken.  Please sanitize your hands using the automatic dispensers at the door.
5) Once the previous family has left by the narthex and the Church has been sanitized, your party will be welcomed into the main body of the Church.
6) The ceremony will be a shortened form of the rite. All in attendance are asked to remain standing for the duration of the rite.  Those with disabilities will be accomodated with places to sit.
7) A time for pictures following the ceremony will occur but this time will be necessarily brief so that the Church can be sanitized before the next baptism.
8) After pictures you and your guests will leave via the narthex door.