PPC – Parish Pastoral Council – The PPC is an advisory body of lay members and members of the the pastoral team (priests, deacons, pastoral and youth ministers) whose principal role is to collaborate in planning for the pastoral care of the parish. Pastoral planning is meant to ensure that the mission and vision of the diocese and parish guide the community into the future.  Together with the pastor the PPC develops a working vision for the parish for 3-5 years, assists in prioritizing pastoral needs and sets goals and objectives in order to meet those needs.  The PPC is a body of representatives not a representative body.

Finance Council – The Finance Committee is appointed by the pastor for a 3 year term and performs an important role in the Parish. The Committee assists the Parish Priest in administering the temporal goods of the Parish. Each member is expected to bring to the meetings the expertise that each possesses, in finance, law, construction, aesthetics, etc…  The objective of the Committee is, to attain a financial viability that will not only sustain the needs and requirements of the Parish but will assist in maintaining a financially healthy Diocese. At the same time, it is necessary to plan for the future in order that the Parish may support the Bishop in meeting the spiritual and temporal requirements of the People of God.

FunRaising Committee – The FunRaising Committee is an energetic group of volunteers that plan fun events to assist in raising funds to meet our parish programming, administrative and outreach needs.  From the annual soup competition to the “ladies night out” this committee knows how to put the “fun” in “fundraising”.  If you are interested in serving, please contact our committee chair.

Office Support – Can you donate an hour a week to assist with folding bulletins, parish mail outs, or other office related tasks when we need a few extra hands?  Please contact our secretary Annette Rondot about how you can help.

Maintenance/Building Support – Can you donate 1-2 hours a month to assist with washing altar server robes, polishing liturgical vessels, or other similar activities?  Or perhaps do you have background in construction, electrical work, plumbing, or other building maintenance related jobs? Maintaining our beautiful church takes many hands under the supervision of our maintenance staff Linda Richardson and Randy Barrette.  Contact us if you are interested in volunteering some time and/or advice.